OPINION: Apple’s iPad is undeniably the top dog in the world of tablets at the moment. If you’ve looked at our best tablet guide any time over the last three years, this is obvious.

The guide is crammed with Apple tablets, with the firm dominating pretty much every segment of the market and user case. Creative looking for a mobile sketch station? Grab an iPad Pro (2021). Impoverished student on the hunt for a device to take notes on during lectures and stream Netflix at night? The iPad (8th Gen) is a safe bet.

As an open source supporter who only stopped using his Nexus 7 (2nd gen) when it physically gave up the ghost and refused to turn on, I hope you can understand why this isn’t an ideal situation for me. It’s why for years I’ve used Microsoft Surfaces, or one of Samsung’s slates as my go to tablet between reviews, even if the user experiences aren’t
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