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Malware on Android phones can make you miserable. Here’s how to prevent it or deal with a malicious app.

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Android malware can be tricky to spot. For instance, a mobile app called Ads Blocker advertised itself as a useful service for cutting back on pesky mobile ads, which can pop up to cover your screen just when you’re about to access something important. In reality, the app was malware that just served up more ads, according to security researchers.

It’s just one example of malware that can frustrate Android users, plaguing them with ads that the creators get paid to display, even when users are looking at unrelated apps. Malware often also harvests fake clicks on the ads, doubling up on the value of their malware.

“They’re making money,” said Nathan Collier, a researcher at Malwarebytes who helped identify the bogus ad blocker in
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