What the CVT is not is an enthusiast’s gearbox. Though the rubber-band effect has been cured to a large extent there’s no eliminating it altogether on hard acceleration. The petrol-CVT is also more noisy, I guess because you have to work it harder to maintain the same speeds as the manual. And the 0-100kmph acceleration times drop by over a second. But you do get steering wheel mounted paddle shifters for the CVT, which is a nice touch.

The i-DTEC diesel

As much as I’m a fan of the VTEC petrol, I don’t really care too much for the diesel. At 99bhp it isn’t the most powerful, at 200Nm it isn’t the most torquey and before it even gets to 4000rpm the engine has run out of breath. You only get it with a 6-speed manual and, like always, it doesn’t suit the City’s effortless nature.

That said, I will have to admit the refinement of the engine is pretty good, especially when you consider how noisy it used to be in the past. At a
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