Mario Kart Tour has raced onto the App Store, and it is an example of what not to do when converting a beloved franchise to mobile.

As a fan of Mario Kart, I wanted to know if Nintendo could make a mobile version that stayed true to form.

It looks like a Mario Kart

Visually, Mario Kart Tour is fine. It’s got the bright colors and slick-smooth textures we’ve come to expect from modern Mario games. The sounds are all extremely Mario Karty. The music is, as far as I can tell, mostly just slightly tweeked versions of songs from previous games.

Overall, it looks and sounds exactly like a Mario Kart should.

…But feels all wrong.

Mario Kart Tour rankings

If I were to ask you what makes a person a decent player at Mario Kart, you might give me a couple of different answers. Maybe you’d say understanding dashing and drifting or knowing when to use items. While these are good answers, I’d posit it
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